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R. Slom
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R. Slom Big. Thick. Riffs.

These riffs are so catchy and the harmonized vocals are great too. I recommend listening to this in your car alone so you can air guitar/drum while coming in on the backing vocals.

I am eagerly awaiting an LP. Favorite track: Ritalin.
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julif The band tried new things and it worked out very well. Favorite track: Young Blood.
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released June 15, 2018


all rights reserved



Oat Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Bernd
I'm fucking bored
are these the symptoms of our ambitions?
freedom of picking, too many choices, much too loose
freedom is picking - you lose
and you moan and you moan
one day you'll croak
all alone in the dark
lay your ass down to the mold
choke on your fucking life bastard
seems like you threw your grit, you threw your grit away
you threw your grit off some fucking edge
I feel bored
fucking morons
so you are the people?
you are the people?
upright and faithful
you are the people?
you are the people
the less and less equal
Track Name: Ritalin
business before pleasure
remember you can't stay a kid forever
get your shit together
work hard
it's in your hand boy
can't understand the duty you placed on me
unwilling to agree for your inner peace
I ain't nothing yet
sorry mom I missed by oversleeping
and you say, through money life seems brighter - actually not
I ain't nothing yet
sorry mom I missed by oversleeping
I just prefer to creep on
I'll gasp eight days a week, progress towards completion
Track Name: Papaya
left, right, straight forward
don't fall out of alignment
pretend it's natural
enjoy your papaya
if you like wrestling, nachos and coca cola
you should change your lifestyle
reboot - papaya
hey east cost, west coast
proclaim to heat the business
the cure of choice my friend, I swear - papaya
hell yeah!
- eine bowu von der tanke mit sempf, bitte
hell yeah!
Track Name: Meatbags
I get up late
celebrating low life vibes
your allegations on my mind
breathe in - breathe out
breathe in - calm down
hugs and shrugs - you hate my guts
I got rid of all that shit
still everything will be routine
you think my life is wasted
and it's my bad
you think my life is wasted
because meat bags under my eyes make me look less impressive
and it's my bad
Track Name: Young Blood
that's what you want
and what you feel
the place to be
the more or less
the real deal
your educated guess
will you sleep at night?
shelter is what you're longing for
will you sleep at night?
bliss recklessly eating your life
will you sleep at night?
floating in the undertow
this hype is wrong
you fear them say
still on the run
that's what you want
and what you feel
the place to be
will you sleep at night?
young blood - young blood

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